TM “DELIKA” chicken manufacturer is enlisted in the Ukraine top five leaders regarding its production volumes

LLC "Lutsk Agricultural Company", manufacturer of TM "DELIKA" chicken meat, occupies the fourth position among the largest Ukrainian chicken meat manufacturers regarding its production volume.

The company gained this position in 2020 and till now still holds it.

LLC “Lutsk Agricultural Company” carries out poultry growing at 11 production sites, which comprise 100 poultry barns. One-time landing capacity of the growing sites is about 4 000 000 chickens.

In addition to poultry growing division, the enterprise has its own compound feed plant, which provides the poultry farming with high-quality certified poultry feed. The own feed mill production allows to control the nutritional value of feed, which in turn influences the growth of chickens.

LLC “Lutsk Agricultural Company” grows grain components for compound feed on its own land bank, that comprises more than 3,000 hectares of rich Ukrainian soil. Some of the grains are being purchased from reliable Ukrainian suppliers.