TM “DELIKA” chicken meat becomes closer to the buyers all over world

LLC "Lutsk Agricultural Company" operating on international markets under TM "DELIKA" expands its horizons and starts exporting products to Mozambique, Gabon, Cape Verde, Namibia.

LLC “Lutsk Agricultural Company” is one of the five largest national producers of broiler chickens in Ukraine. The company is mainly focused on the domestic market, but the production capacities are sufficient to export as well.

Ukrainian products are becoming increasingly popular in the world and have already found their buyers in foreign markets. The company mainly trades with Middle Eastern and African countries. The geography of supply covers such countries as Turkey, Jordan, Oman, Maldives, Somalia, Yemen, Mauritania, Libya, Ivory Coast, Comoros Islands, Azerbaijan.

A characteristic feature of supply to these countries is the fulfilement of requirements of Halal certification. LLC “Lutsk Agricultural Company” cooperates with “Alraid Halal Research and Certification Center”, Kyiv. Every year the experts of the Center visit the production site and evaluate its conditions. The production facilities and process undergo a strict inspection, if the results of such inspection are favourable the manufacturer receives an approval for the production of Halal products for the next year.

Slaughter of chicken and its further processing takes place under the control of a representative of the Center who works at the production site on permanent basis.

Each export shipment is accompanied by a its Halal certificate.

The Middle Eastern and African markets are attractive for the Ukrainian manufacturers of agricultural products, as they are capacious and due to climatic and geographical conditions cannot provide their population with agricultural products in full. Moreover these countries traditionally demonstrate high levels of meat and chicken consumption per capita.