TM “Delika” is a Ukrainian chicken brand that meets high international standards of chicken meat growing and production. The manufacturer of chicken is LLC “LUTSK AGRICULTURAL COMPANY”.

Using the experience and supporting the traditions of the manufacturer’s brand, the history of which is almost 80 years old, we invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our company has taken a worthy place among the five largest manufacturers of chicken meat in Ukraine and is ready to open new markets under TM “Delika”.

We offer our customers and would-be partners broiler chicken meat, that:

• is grown in an ecologically clean region of Ukraine;

• has high quality and meets international standards;

• contains only natural humidity content in the product;

• is grown on natural feed rich on cereals, corn, micro- and macronutrients for healthy growth of poultry;

• meets the requirements of ritual slaughter HALAL.

The enterprise consists of 11 chicken growing sites

LLC “LUTSK AGRICULTURAL COMPANY” grows poultry in 100 poultry houses. In order to grow healthy poultry and assure its natural quality, the enterprise manufactures compound feed at its own feed mill.

Some grains are grown on our own fields, total amount of which is around 3,000 hectares. The other grains are purchased from verified Ukrainian suppliers. Each batch of grains undergoes laboratory tests thus the high quality of fodder is being guaranteed.

One-day old chickens are imported from European suppliers.

Chickens grow in spacious chicken barns

In 2021 LLC “LUTSK AGRICULTURAL COMPANY” produced more than 48,400 tons of chicken meat, 96% of which was sold for the domestic market and 4% was exported.